We work with both national and EU funding schemes
to help your businesses grow.


We have extensive experience with applications for Latvian funding, including ERDF, Investment and development agency’s projects and projects administered by industry associations.

ūüá™ūüáļ Europe

We specialize in identifying and securing European public funding for businesses and organizations through programs such as Horizon Europe, EU Innovation Fund, European Innovation Council (EIC) and many more.

How we can help you

We leverage our extensive knowledge and experience of available programs to maximize your chances of success.

Project consultations

It is not always immediately known what ideas can receive grant support, whether the company qualifies for support and whether, for example, the idea has a sufficient impact on the prevention of CO2 emissions. We will help you navigate the requirements and possibilities of grant projects to decide on further steps.

Finding funding sources

We will work with you to identify the most suitable funding opportunity from over 1000 European and national project calls, ensuring that it aligns with your organization's objectives and supports your growth.

Project application writing

We specialize in planning and writing funding applications, ensuring that your proposals are compelling, technically sound, and meet all necessary requirements to maximize your chances of success.

Project management

If required, we provide comprehensive project management and reporting support for funded projects to ensure their successful execution.

National project calls

We are located in Latvia, so digitalization calls of Latvian Investment and Development Agency, projects of Latvian Rural Support Service, or projects of key competence centers are no strangers to us.

European project calls

EU Innovation fund, Horizon Europe projects or EU Maritime and Fisheries Fund are all great sources of funding for innovative ideas. Writing or even coordinating the writing of the project can be complicated - let us help!

CO2 calculations

More and more public funding is awarded based on CO2 emissions avoidance. We can estimate how much CO2 emissions can your idea help to avoid.