CO2 emission estimates

More and more public funding is awarded based on CO2 emissions avoidance. We can estimate how much CO2 emissions can your idea help to avoid.

CO2 calculations

Many funding agencies prioritize projects that are sustainable and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. These agencies are particularly interested in initiatives that enhance manufacturing efficiency, facilitate the generation, utilization, or storage of renewable energy, or minimize energy losses. However, quantifying these emission reductions can be complex and time-consuming, yet it is often crucial for securing funding.

One notable example of funding opportunities is the European Union's Innovation Fund, which supports small and large-scale projects that effectively reduce CO2 emissions while remaining cost-efficient. Our experts have worked with several such applications and are happy  to help your organization.

Numerous additional national and European funding agencies place a strong emphasis on promoting initiatives that achieve significant CO2 savings. We can assist you in estimating the CO2 emissions or potential savings resulting from your project or proposed activity. By working together, we can help you present a compelling case for funding, showcasing the environmental benefits of your initiative.